united states of america

united states of america

big sky country

My first-ever visit to Yellowstone National Park in 2002 as a student on an exchange program got me hooked on photography. Since then, I have always been blown away by the American wilderness. Especially the western part of the continent has introduced me to wildlife such as grizzly bears, moose and other iconic species. The North American continent simply offers all the landscapes: From glaciers, to deserts, to forests to oceans. Finally, if you visit the islands of Hawaii, you can even experience active volcanoes which are simply mind-blowing to watch.

I will forever have a special connection to this place and hence will hopefully be able to return many more times in order to immerse myself in the big sky.


Failing to capture the wild scenery of Yellowstone was the best thing, that ever happened to me.

it got me started with photography