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october 31st

expected shipping delayed 

Unfortunately, due to the recent outbreaks of Corona all throughout Europe, there will be a slight shipping delay for Stefan’s first book “Penguin – A Story of Survival“. Instead of November 2nd, Stefan now expects the book to ship on November 12th, 2020.

That being said, the books are printed and look amazing. Check out a short video message from Stefan, to get the latest news and a sneak peek.

But most importantly: Stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times.


october 10th

penguin book available for pre-order

Finally, after many months of hard work, you can pre-order Stefan’s first book about the emperor penguins of Atka Bay and their “Penguin Love” story.

The book will come in two language editions:

German: Die Gemeinschaft der Pinguine
English: Penguin – A Story of Survival

You can find the books, as well as a limited special offer for selected prints in the brand new Nature in Focus Shop. In the future we will add more prints, postcards, calenders and everything else that you have been asking Stefan for.

Thank you so much for your patience! We hope that you will enjoy this beautiful coffee table book. It features over 120 photographs on over 210 pages as well as many of Stefan’s very personal stories from Antarctica.

Shipping expected to start on November 2nd, 2020 – ALL BOOKS WILL BE SIGNED!

september 30th

ICFJ Banner

photo auction at ICFJ 

As of today, two of Stefan’s images are being auctioned for a good cause. Together with many other internationally renowned photographers, Stefan has joined the initiative “Visions and Visionaries – The World Through the Eyes of National Geographic Photographers” of the ICFJ (International Center For Journalists), who supports journalists around the world, particularly in countries with little tradition of a free press. Their programs help news media expose and investigate the times’ most pressing issues. 

It’s quite an honor to be asked to contribute to such an important program and I hope that my images will receive high bids. If you want to place a bid yourself, on any of the images, you can have a look here:

The auction runs until October 5th, 2020.

Thank you for making a difference in this world. All small steps count!

september 16th

montier festival cancelled

With the current numbers of positive COVID-19 tests on the rise, unfortunately the organizers had to cancel this year’s Montier festival. I am quite sad about this, but I can completely understand the decision. The health and safety of people always comes first and hopefully next year, the circumstances will be better.

In the end, it is in the interest of the organizers, as well as the attendees to enjoy themselves in a safe environment and to completely immerse themselves in nature, photography and art. This will be much easier to accomplish with a mind at ease and not constantly having to worry about catching or spreading the virus.

Obviously, this will not affect the availability of my penguin book. You will still be able to get a signed copy via the new Nature in Focus Shop. Link will follow soon! 🙂


august 27th

penguin book proof stage 

Last weekend Stefan worked on the proofs of his upcoming penguin book “Penguin – A Story of Survival” and made sure, that all images will be printed in the best quality possible.

For those unfamiliar with the stages of a book: upon receiving the proofs it is the authors task to make sure there is no residual dust on the images, to check whether the print quality (colors, gradation, etc.) is good and also to check whether all images will be correctly displayed after the pages are cut into their final format (especially for so-called full bleed images, which spread over two pages). It’s a process where attention to detail is of the utmost important, but Stefan made sure that even the tiniest mistakes were mitigated.

In a few days the book will be printed! 6,000 copies (German & English language) in the first run. Exciting times! 🙂

august 13th

penguin book layout finished

Finally, after months of selecting the photographs, conceptualizing and writing the story, many correction rounds and layouting we are nearing the end of the design process of my book “Penguin – A Story of Survival”. Yesterday, I added my final comments to the layout draft, which are currently being worked into the existing design. Over the weekend I will work on the image descriptions and then everything will be sent off for proof printing.

Stay tuned for updates and make sure to order your copy early enough. The initial print run is limited to only 6,000 copies, which are split into English and German. Soon you will be able to pre-order in the new Nature in Focus Shop.

august 10th

large exhibition announced

All being well, Stefan will be attending and exhibiting at one of the largest exhibition festivals in Europe: the 24ème Festival International de la Photo Animalière et de Nature in Montier-en-Der in France (19th-22nd November, 2020). Come by and say hello, or ask any questions you have about his experiences and images. Copies of Penguin – A Story of Survival will also be available to purchase from there.