2nd Edition of NatureTalks

von | Mrz 3, 2021 | News

Stefan will be speaking for a second time at Nature Talks Photo Festival. Together with a selection of 25!! top-notch Nature Photographers from all over the world. The Photo Festival will take place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th March 2021. And you can follow the packed programme of events from the comfort of your home. 

As with the first edition, no worries if you can’t make it this weekend. Because everything will be recorded. And you can watch and replay all sessions without any restriction. All the talks will be in English (and you can even choose with or without English subtitles).

Allround Nature Photography Online Photo Festival

Nature-Talks is an allround Nature Photography Online Event covering all assets of our art; including a wide range of genres such as macro, landscape and wildlife photography. 

There will be 6 different programs

  • Inspirational program – Inspirational talks from 25 world class Nature Photographers
  • Educational program – Practical tips & tricks from the professionals
  • Conservation program – Conservation photography and nature protection
  • Live Q & As – Live Q & A sessions with all speakers
  • Foto Reviews – Feedback from professional Nature Photographers
  • Masterclasses – Learn more and achieve depth in a specific technique

Join Stefan: Live Q & As & Portfolio Reviews

  1. On Saturday December 12th you can ask Stefan everything you want to know about Antarctica and penguins during the live Q & A session. This will take place at 4:30pm (CET). 

Sensational line-up

Stefan and other speakers will tell our best stories, share their prize winning images and every now and then and share crucial secrets on how the previous came to be. 

What do you think about these other world class photographers?

  1. Marsel van Oosten (NEd/ZAF) – Award-winning professional wildlife and nature photographer. Maybe you know him as the winner of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award in 2019? Check his instagram
  2. Andrew (Andy) Parkinson (UK) – Multi-award winning Wildlife Photographer (e.g. Wildlife Photographer of the Year) in the and is a regular National Geographic Feature Contributor. Check his instagram
  3. Federico Veronesi (ITA/KEN) – His track record is huge and images have been published in e.g. in BBC Earth books. Check his instagram,
  4. Aaron Gekoski (UK) – Award-Winning Environmental Photojournalist. A wildlife presenter, photojournalist, and filmmaker. For example his documentaries you can see on NatGeo Wild and the Discovery Channel. Check his instagram.
  5. Jo-Anne McArthur (CAN) – Award-Winning Photojournalist, author and educator. Published some books: We Animals, Captive and Hidden. Check here Instagram
  6. Marco Gaiotti (ITA – Italian professor and teacher who makes beautiful images. His photos are a powerful combination of flora and fauna. Check his Instagram
  7. Audun Rikardsen (NOR) – Multi-award winning Nature Photographer takes some of the most remarkable photos I’ve seen. Check his Facebook 
  8. Tim Man Lee – Award-winning Wildlife Photographer with his own photography courses about how to take sharp pictures. Check his Instagram.

And many, many more……

In summary

  • Learn from the best 25!! (inter)national Nature Photographers of the world and get inspired! 
  • Inspiring and educational lectures, photo reviews, portfolio reviews, live Q & As and master classes
  • You can follow the packed program from the comfort of your home or wherever you are (as long as you have working internet) 
  • Almost 40 hours of video material
  • Until March 1, 2021 you can watch everything without restriction
  • You can watch everything in English (plus you can even choose with or without English subtitles)
  • Prices start at EUR 30,-

Don’t miss out and get inspired! Spread the word.