emperor penguins

emperor penguins

BIRDS made of love

Emperor penguins endure the harshest living conditions on Earth. They are completely exposed on the sea ice of Antarctica during the brutal southern winter.

Their survival is only possible, because of the strong bonds they form amongst each other. This Penguinlove consists of deep connections they create towards their mate and their chick, but also to the rest of the colony. In one of the greatest acts of teamwork in the animal kingdom, they huddle together and fight the bitter cold as a super-organism.

I have wintered twice with these remarkable birds and here are some of the best images I took during the 26 months I have spent in Atka Bay, Antarctica.

My imagery explores the idea of love and strives to show you the incredible beauty of the most inhospitable habitat on the planet and its well-dressed citizens.


There’s this bird that cannot fly, always looks grumpy and walks funny.

And this bird shows you how it’s done