Penguin Book First Feedback

von | Dez 7, 2020 | News

After the first books have been shipped and also received by customers, we have gotten some incredible feedback. People are very moved by the photos and the stories and Stefan has received countless personal Thank You notes.

Even high ranking producers of the BBC NHU have praised the book. Rupert Barrington, who was the series producer of BBC Dynasties and BBC Green Planet said “The book is genuinely wonderful. Stefan’s images combine artistry and emotion to a degree I have not seen in a natural history book before.”

Finally, also The Times have reviewed the book and used terms like “the ultimate book about penguin love” and “nothing short of sublime”

There will be more utterly positive feedback published soon, so stay tuned.

If you have not picked up your signed copy yet, make sure to stop by the Nature in Focus Shop and get your order in. It might just arrive before Christmas. ALL BOOKS WILL BE SIGNED!

The book comes in two language editions:

German: Die Gemeinschaft der Pinguine
English: Penguin – A Story of Survival